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Top 10 Things About Gintama → #07 Tackling the Complicated Things

Anime often tends to avoid things that are often concealed in Japanese society—things such as homosexuality, bullying, transvestites, etc.  Honestly, I can think of very few mainstream shows that have, for example, an openly gay character. Even if there is one, even in the show they’re usually just treated as the butt of a joke and aren’t looked at seriously.

 It’s hard to define how many “unusual” characters are in Gintama, but, even if you compare it to American shows, there’s a hell of a lot. And the amazing thing is, these characters aren’t strictly there for jokes. They have stories and struggles and they’re treated just as “human” as everyone else. Even better, the anime shows the audience how these people are just as normal as they are, and that they shouldn’t be looked at with disgust or confusion. Gintama’s has one of the most progressive views on many issues that I’ve seen in anime, but Sorachi doesn’t try to make a big deal out of it or anything. Cause it’s, you know, normal. Or should be.


why is nozaki always drawing real time au





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NICE (you have a typo there though: mumford & sUns)

THANK U KEL!!! also OMg I CHANGED IT IMMEDIATELY im so dumb thanks for pointing that out!!

welcome home // a yorozuya fanmix
LISTEN | tracklist below the cut
welcome home / radical face
peel the scars from my backi don’t need them anymoreyou can throw them out or keep them in your mason jarsi’ve come home

outlines / sleeping at last
i can’t help but hope for brighterhere in the shadows of letting gogod, may these good intentionsbe the outline of so much more

burning stars / mimicking birds
all we are is burning starsshining brightly making sure you don’t float too fari’ll keep an eye on you if you keep one on meand then what happens we’ll see

after the storm / mumford & sons
and there will come a time, you’ll seewith no more tearsand love will not break your heartbut dismiss your fears

don’t let it break your heart / coldplay
when you’re tired of aiming your arrowsstill, you never hit the markand even if your aims are shadowsstill we’re never gonna part

from the ground up / sleeping at last
we’ll try to document this life with cameras in our eyesin an effort to remember what being mended feels like

empire ants ft little dragon / gorillaz
and if the whole world is crashing down on youfall through space out of mind with mewhere the emptiness we leave behind on warm air risingblows all the shadows far away


welcome home // a yorozuya fanmix

LISTEN | tracklist below the cut

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